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38 weeks 4 days pregnant and finally squeezed in a maternity shoot. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you should check out the rest of the pictures…they’re pretty fun. 

Can’t believe we’ll be taking pictures with a baby boy any day now!!!

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Excuse my tears of joy.




I don’t understand what’s wrong with supporting the Salvation Army?

Well, here’s the deal, anon. The Salvation Army is an evangelical Christian group, and they impose those beliefs on the people that they employ and the communities they serve. Here are a few examples:

They are so opposed to LGBT rights that they have lobbied multiple times for exemptions from Federal and Local anti-discrimination laws, and threatened to withdraw their services. 

They refused to provide shelter to a homeless gay couple, unless they broke up and renounced their homosexuality. 

They refused to provide a transgender woman with shelter that was congruent with her gender presentation, instead insisting she house with men. She chose instead to sleep on the sidewalk and died from the cold.  

Speaking of gender, there was also this charming incident where one of their hostels refused to open the door for a 17-year-old victim who had just been brutally raped (or even call the police for her) because that particular hostel had a strict “men only” policy.

Children who can’t prove their immigration status are turned away.

The organization also disposes of any Harry Potter or Twilight related donations (rather than giving them to other charities), because they claim the toys are “incompatible with the charity’s Christian beliefs”. 

During the Bush Administration (thanks to ‘faith-based initiatives’) they fired about 20 long-time employees (Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Gay), simply for refusing to sign the organization’s statement of Christian belief.  

So, that—in a nutshell—is what’s wrong with it.

Winter is coming… and so are their buckets. Remember this when they’re bothering you for change.


“No homo,” I whisper tearfully, cradling the dead body of the last homosexual on earth. There is no more homo. The last of his kind, and he was murdered. I will get revenge. The hunt is on.

If you haven’t done so yet, then I absolutely URGE you to fill this form in. It literally takes about 45 seconds. If you can’t spare 45 seconds to help make marriage equality a reality in New Zealand then you probably aren’t following me on Tumblr so you won’t be reading this message anyway. 

Please note this can be submitted from computers outside New Zealand but only New Zealand voters are eligible to make submissions. Submissions close at 5:00pm on Friday 26 October 2012 (NZ time). 



Basically, queer people of color are perfect.

On my way to work this morning I saw a double rainbow. This afternoon the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill was drawn from the ballot and will now go before a parliamentary vote.

Coincidence? I think not!

Wheeeeeeee! SO EXCITED :-)